Bear Branch Milling - "A man full of grits is a man full of peace"
We have a range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call for more on products.
Fresh Stone Ground Yellow Grits
2lb bag Yellow Grits
Price: $6.95
Fresh Stone Ground White Grits
2lb bag White Grits
Price: $6.95
Fresh Stone Ground Yellow Cornmeal
2lb bag Yellow Cornmeal
Price: $4.95
Fresh Stone Ground White Cornmeal
2lb bag White Cornmeal
Price: $4.95
Carolina Organic Rice
2lb bag Organic Rice
Price: $4.95
Carolina Popcorn
2lb bag Popcorn
Price: $4.95
Carolina Whole Wheat Flour
2lb bag Whole Wheat Flour
Price: $4.95
Millers Wheat Bran
2lb bag Wheat Bran
Price: $4.95
Seafood Breader
2lb bag Seafood Breader
Price: $4.95
Carolina Sea Salt
1lb bag Sea Salt
Price: $4.95
J.A. Milliken Oyster Breader
2lb bag Oyster Breader
Price: $4.95
Honey Jar
16oz Honey Jar
Price: $8.50
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Honey Bear
8oz Honey Bear
Price: $6.50
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Bagged Honey Straws
12/0.8oz Honey Straws
Price: $3.75
Honey Straws
50ct Honey Straws
Price: $16.00
Black Eyed Peas
2lb Bag Carolina Black Eyed Peas
Price: $6.95
Field Peas
2lb Bag Carolina Field Peas
Price: $6.95
Kidney Beans
2lb Bag Carolina Kidney Beans
Price: $6.95
Lima Beans
2lb Bag Carolina Lima Beans
Price: $6.95
Pinto Beans
2lb Bag Carolina Pinto Beans
Price: $6.95
Self Rising White Cornmeal
2lb Bag Self Rising White Cornmeal
Price: $6.95
Self Rising Yellow Cornmeal
2lb Bag Self Rising Yellow Cornmeal
Price: $6.95
Bear Branch T-shirt
Tan Pocket T-shirts
Price: $17.99
Strawberry Syrup
16oz Strawberry Syrup
Price: $7.50
Large Molasses
16oz Molasses
Price: $8.00
Medium Chunky Salsa
16oz Medium Chunky Salsa
Price: $7.75
Mild Corn Salsa
16oz Mild Corn Salsa
Price: $7.50
Blackberry Whipped Honey
12oz Blackberry Whipped Honey
Price: $9.50
Hush Puppie Mix
2lb Bag Hush Puppie Mix
Price: $6.95
Hush Puppie Mix w/ Onions
2lb Bag Hush Puppie Mix w/ Onions
Price: $6.95
Rice Flour
2lb Bag Carolina Gold Rice Flour
Price: $6.00
Buttermilk Biscuit Mix
2lb Bag Carolina Buttermilk Biscuit Mix
Price: $6.00
Chicken Breader
2lb Bag Carolina Chicken Breader
Price: $6.00
Brownie Mix
2lb Bag Carolina Brownie Mix
Price: $6.00
Pancake Mix
2lb Bag Carolina Pancake Mix
Price: $6.00
Carolina Porridge
2lb Bag Carolina Porridge
Price: $6.95
Corn Cob Jelly
18oz Corn COb Jelly
Price: $7.95
Lemonade Jelly
18oz Lemonade Jelly
Price: $7.95
Moonshine Jelly
18oz Southern Moonshine Jelly
Price: $7.95
Jalapeno Hot Sauce
5oz Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Price: $4.95
Organic Wild Bird Seed Mix
0.75lb WIld Bird Seed
Price: $4.50
Cheese Grits
2lb Bag Cheese Grits
Price: $5.95
Black Bear Jelly
18oz Black Bear Jelly
Price: $7.95
Cornmeal Pancake Mix
2lb Bag Cornmeal Pancake Mix
Price: $6.50
Speckled Ice Cream Grits
2lb Bag Speckled Ice Cream Grits
Price: $6.00
Jalapeno Cornmeal
2lb Bag Jalapeno Cornmeal
Price: $5.50

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